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Week One Activities

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Welcome to Week One


The following are the tasks required for this Week One:


1. Add yourself to our ESP Frappr map at: http://www.frappr.com/evo07esp


2. Learn more about some of the technologies utilized for this session:


a. ESP Potpourri Yahoo Group, (YG):


We will use this list to post emails for the weekly discussions and

announcements. You could change your email prefrences to Daily digest

if you wish by clicking on My Groups located to the top right corner

of this YG website; and then, click on Edit My Group. After that, look

for the group name and select Daily digest from the drop down box.


b. ESP Potpourri Wiki: http://evo07esp.pbwiki.com/

This wiki has the syllabus for this session, links, and other resources.


We encourage you to explore this wiki since it will also be used for collaboration activities, such as the Group project that aims at creating our own ESP Library or Reading Room, to refer to whenever.


To learn more about how to participate in this project, please go to:



To contribute to this project, you need to log in to the Wiki using

your email address as your username and this Password: evo07-esp


c. To particpate in our live, online presentations in Week 2 with guest speaker, Anne Lomperis, join Learning Times:



You will need to use your username and password to access the live session to be held in the Webheads virtual office. More details will be posted about this event on Week 2 Activities page.


d. Download http://www.skype.com to talk or text chat synchronously with the moderators and other participants around the world! Skype will be used for quick questions and answers, or merely to talk and

chat socially, off list.


e. Download http://messenger.yahoo.com/ and create your YM ID to text

chat synchronously with the moderators and other participants around the world!


f. Use the Database section in our Yahoo Group to add your information to our Contact List.. You can do that by clicking on Add Record located to the right top corner of the page.



3. Read the virtual lecture, by Debra Lee at:


Then, post your comments, questions, or any kind of feedback to this list.


Should you need further assistance with any of the above tasks, please don't hesitate to ask.


Wishing you a pleasant Six Weeks stay at the ESP Potpourri!


The ESP Potpourri Team


Summary of Week One

Coming soon

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