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Format of the Proposal: ( Submission date: Sept. 15, 2006)


  1. The title of your online session
  2. A brief description of the content (an abstract)
  3. The target audience and potential member group sponsor
  4. A week-by-week outline of the proposed activities during the 6-week period (Your timeline should include a week for introductions and familiarization with the interface and a closing week for evaluations, completion of projects, and final discussions.)
  5. The communication media expected to be used (discussion postings only, chat, Website, links related to your topic, etc.)
  6. An indication of your willingness to complete moderator training and a commitment to holding the session in the timeframe indicated
  7. A brief biographical statement (50 words) and link to your Website (if available)


Title: Four ESP Content Areas: Business, Legal, Science+Technology, Medical ( nine or ten words) Word order determined by who goes when


OR: Business, Legal, Science and Technology, Medical ESP ( seven-word title) Word order determined by who goes when

OR: Four ESP Content Areas (four words)

OR: ESP Potpourri ( "potpourri" is not a high-frequency word, though) - (Buth: I like this title, it's short and catchy).



Abstract: This EVO session covers a one-week discussion of four English for Specific Purposes content areas: Business English, Legal English, English for Science and Technology, English for Health Care. Each content week will have a moderator with experience in the field. The first week will cover self-introductions, and the last week will be a wrap-up. [During each week, moderators will give a brief overview of the field: who the students are, what kinds of content are usually covered, what skills students usually lack, and exercises that are often used in the skills area.] OR [Content of each week will be detrmined by the moderator.] OR [ During each week, moderators will discuss what they do, and how they do it.] OR

[ During each week, moderators will do a case study of their particular student population: who they are, what their needs are, types of exercises used to meet students' needs.] Participants will be invited to ask questions or post comments on the moderator's comments.


Target Audience: People who use or are interested in using English for Specific Purposes in these four content areas. The sponsor is ESP IS.


Weekly Outline: Week One: Introduction to the session and self-introductions from the participants.

Week Two: Buth: Business English for bankers - ( Buth: Anne Lomperis may co-moderate week 2 with me).

Week Three: Debby: Legal English OR Chris: English for Medical Purposes

Week Four: Mark: English for Science and Technology

Week Five: Debby: Legal English OR Chris: English for Medical Purposes


Communication media: discussion postings, Elluminate live vClass (Webheads vOffice at LearningTimes.org), Website, IM Yahoo Messenger, Skype, links: we can post related links by week - (Buth: Yes, this is a great idea, Chris. We can also create an del.icio.us.com account where we can store our resources using a tag, like evoesp. Particiapnts can use it anytime from anywhere and add their own links as well. Do we need a Blog or a Wiki, Chris? Debby? Mark?).


Moderator training: We all agree to do moderator training ( Buth, are you actually one of the trainers? ) - (Buth: yes, I'm one of the coordination team, Chris).


Biographical statement:

Chris: Christine Parkhurst is an Associate Professor at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, where she has taught for over twenty years. She has also published and presented in the field of English for Medical Purposes.

Buth: Buthaina Al-Othman is an EFL and ESP instructor at the Language Center of Kuwait University, since 2001. She is a member of the Webheads in Action community online, since 2002. Recently, Buthaina has been engaged in developing and teaching blended, face-to-face and online, Business English programs for groups of bankers at a Financial Institution in Kuwait.

Mark: Mark R. Freiermuth is an Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics in the Faculty of International Communication at Gunma Prefectural Women's University. Besides his continuing interest in ESP, he is also interested in discourse analysis primarily of computer-mediated communication and language learning simulations His publications are a reflection of these interests.

Debby: Debra Lee has been teaching ESP for Law and Business for twelve years and is currently on leave from Nashville State Community in Tennessee to serve as a regional language fellow in Prague, Czech Republic. In Prague, she is working with a regional team to create an online multimedia language for law program.

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