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Best Practices List

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1. Develop an Effective, Current Strategic Plan



2. Conduct Effective Marketing



3. Assess the Client Organization’s Needs

(Conduct an Organizational Needs Assessment, ONA)


4. Determine an Appropriate Program Design



5. Develop a Proposal and Negotiate a Contract



6. Identify and Arrange Program Administration and Staffing



7. Conduct an Instructional Needs Assessment (INA)



8. Create an Instructional Design / Curriculum



9. Select and Develop Appropriate Training Materials



10. Deliver Training



11. Evaluate Course(s) and Program, and Apply Recommendations


Please Note: According to Anne Lomperis' list, above INA is item # 7 and ONA is item # 3


TESOL Workplace Standards Task Force:

Joan E. Friedenberg, Anne E. Lomperis, William M. Martin, Margaret van Naerssen, Kay Westerfield

2000, 2001 Pre-Publication Version

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