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Activities of Week Two

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Welcome to Week Two: January 22-28

Business English for bankers: Blended Communication Approach

Using Blogs, Podcasting, Wikis, SMS, and Virtual Classes for branch Managers to Connect and Practice English


A Pilot Program designed for the Gulf Bank of Kuwait to help branch managers imporve their communication skills

The pilot program or course will be used as a case study through which I will try to tackle some crucial issues related to Instructional Needs Assessment, (INA) and Organizational Needs Assessment, (ONA). The aim is to share the lessons learned during and after this learning experience with you all and to redesign the course.

The Pilot project Website is in Beta version 1.0 at: http://alothman-b.tripod.com/content-gb.htm




Monday, Jan 22

Topic: Best Practices: Needs Assessment, (NA)

Introduction to Instructional Needs Assessment, (INA)

What is INA/NA?

'When, Why, and How to conduct INA/NA?

Write some of the problems you had with your NA/INA. Post your input to our Yahoo Group.


Handouts & Assignments:

You can also download, Anne's list in Word document format provided here: Best-Practices_Process-Standards_List.doc


Feel free to download a smaple of two parts NA or INA designed and conducted by Buthaina for the group of bankers here:

Part 1: Needs_Assessment_OralSkills_GB.doc

Part 2: Needs_Assessment_WritingSkills_GB.doc


Please send your questions or comments on this topic/issue to Anne and Buthaina. Anne will answer your questions during our live, online meeting on Thursday, January 25, 2007 at Webheads vOffice. (Thank you for your collaboration!)


Tuesday, January 23

Topic: Best Practices: Needs Assessment, (NA) (cont.)

Introduction to Organizational Needs Assessment, (ONA)

What is ONA?

When, Why, and How to conduct ONA?

Have you ever conducted ONA?

If yes, write some of the problems you had with ONA. Post your input to our Yahoo Group.



Please download and read the two sets of Initial Questions, provided by Anne Lomperis, in Word documents here:

IQs set 1: Planning with Management: Needs Assessment for Overall Corporate Goals: ONA_INITIAL_QUESTIONS.doc

IQs set 2: Setting Up a Language Training Program Needs Assessment for Program Design INA_INITIAL_QUESTIONS.doc



Please send your questions on this topic/issue to Anne Lomperis. Anne will answer your questions during our live, online meeting on Thursday, January 25, 2007 at Webheads vOffice. (Thank you for your collaboration!)


Buthaina will share her experience and the lessons learned on this issue through posts to our Yahoo Group on Day 2, and during the live, online session with Anne, on Thursday.


Wednesday, Jan 24

Topic: Blended, ESP program for Bankers in Beta 1.0: Things that worked and things that didn't - (A Case Study)

  • Program design-related issues - syllabus, and other course materials - deadlines and some challenging factors
  • Selecting CMS and VLE - cost (budget)
  • Finding the right location with the right equipment and other technical requirements - HR issues
  • Dealing with IT team of the organization and at classroom location(s) - HR issues
  • Using various language training approaches, including informal learning approach, does it work?




1. Download and save the LPLP_Worksheet_070121.doc

2. Write your answers to each question on your copy of the Worksheet.

3. Please remember to add your name, job title, and location on your copy of the Worksheet.

4. Upload your worksheet to this wiki on ParticipantWorksheets page - Use the wiki password to access the page; then, click on Edit Page button located on the top and bottom of the page. After that, click on Upload Files link listed on the right side of the page.

Please try to upload your file before Thursday in order to give Anne sufficient time to go through your work.

Should you need further directions, don't hesitate to ask.


Thursday, Jan 25

Join Buthaina Al-Othman and Guest Speaker, Anne Lomperis in a live, online presentation via Elluminate Live!

Join the live, online session in Webheads Virtual Office Remember that you need to join LearningTimes.org

to create your username and password to be able to join the live, online presentation!


Please download these ppt slides: evo07_esp-potpourri-070125.ppt for tips on how to use the audio area and some of the collaborative tools in the Webheads vOffice, by Elluminate live! at http://www.LearningTimes.org

To review the recording, Power Point presentation, and Chat Log of the live event, by Anne and Buthaina, please go to Week 2 LiveEventContent page.


Friday, Jan 26

Topic: Q & A

Participants are welcome and encouraged to write more questions to Anne and Buthaina following the live, online presentation. Please post your questions or comments to our Yahoo Group.


Saturday, Jan 27

Wrapping up & Evaluation


Sunday, Jan 28

Summary of main points - session to be held through the Weekly Webcast event at http://www.Worldbridges.net (more on this will posted later).


Please Note: **Let Buthaina Know if you don't have the right program to open the files in Word document format so that she can assist

with a solution.

Summary of Week Two

Coming soon

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